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Enhance investment returns with strategic tax planning for acquisitions and construction.

PTAG’s Acquisition | Construction service offers a strategic advantage in real estate transactions and development projects, ensuring tax efficiency and competitive positioning. Here’s how PTAG adds value from the planning phase through to construction:

Our Process

1. Strategic Acquisition Planning

We ensure the lowest initial tax basis by structuring deals effectively during the acquisition phase.

2. Proactive Tax Strategies

Our guidance on allocations and entity purchases leads to lower overhead costs and enhanced competitive bidding.

3. Early Tax Mitigation

Early involvement with us guarantees consideration of all tax-saving opportunities in project planning.

4. Construction Phase Advantages

We document soft costs and conduct due diligence during construction, yielding significant tax benefits.

The PTAG Advantage - Acquisition | Construction

PTAG’s Acquisition | Construction service empowers clients with strategic tax planning and execution, ensuring the lowest possible tax basis and enhancing profitability. With PTAG’s guidance, clients navigate the complexities of real estate transactions and construction projects with confidence, benefiting from significant tax advantages and competitive market positioning.


We collect essential financial and property data early in the year, laying the groundwork for accurate tax assessments.


We engage with tax authorities to ensure fair property valuations, leveraging their expertise to minimize tax liabilities.


We charge only based on tax savings achieved, demonstrating a commitment to delivering value to clients without upfront costs.

Let us review your portfolio to ensure a “Fair and Equitable” Tax Assessment

Our Team proactively reviews and tracks clients’ assessments throughout the year. Working directly with the county assessor on multiple appeal levels to ensure the lowest possible tax liability for client properties. If our appeal efforts are successful, we charge a performance fee based on tax savings.

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Optimal Deal Structuring

PTAG works with sellers to structure deals to ensure acquisitions have the lowest initial tax basis, reducing upfront costs. This involves negotiating property prices and terms that favor a lower tax valuation, minimizing the financial burden from the outset and setting a precedent for future tax assessments, thereby optimizing the overall investment return.

Enhanced Bidding Power

By advising on strategic tax planning, PTAG helps clients minimize expenses and outperform competitors in acquisitions. This advantage allows clients to structure their bids more competitively, understanding the tax implications of each deal and leveraging this knowledge to make informed, strategic decisions that enhance their market position.

Comprehensive Tax Mitigation

Involving PTAG early in planning maximizes tax-saving strategies, covering all aspects of the acquisition and construction process. From the initial deal structure to the final construction details, PTAG ensures that every decision is made with tax efficiency in mind, reducing overall costs and enhancing the profitability of the project.

Documented Tax Advantages

PTAG’s meticulous documentation and due diligence during construction secure substantial tax benefits for clients. By accurately capturing and reporting all eligible expenses and ensuring compliance with tax regulations, PTAG maximizes tax savings opportunities, providing a financial advantage both during the construction phase and throughout the lifecycle of the property.

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