Appeal Services

Challenge and reduce your tax assessments with expert appeal representation.

PTAG’s Appeal Services are designed to rigorously challenge property tax assessments through formal channels when informal negotiations do not yield the desired results. Here’s an in-depth look at how this service operates:

Our Process

1. Transition from Informal to Formal Appeals

If the informal negotiation process fails to secure the lowest possible assessment for your properties, PTAG takes decisive action.

2. Timely Filing and Deadlines

After the TRIM notices are sent out in August, we have a 25-day window to file an appeal.

3. Strategic Appeal Recommendations

We will advise you of our appeal recommendations prior to the final deadlines.

4. Expert Navigation of the VAB Process

Navigating the complexities of the Value Adjustment Board process can be daunting. PTAG leverages its extensive experience and understanding of property tax laws to advocate effectively for your interests, aiming to achieve the most favorable outcome in your tax appeal cases.

The PTAG Advantage - Appeal Services

PTAG’s Appeal Services offer a structured and strategic approach to contesting property tax assessments. By seamlessly moving from informal negotiations to formal appeals when necessary, and keeping a vigilant eye on deadlines and strategic recommendations, PTAG ensures that your interests are robustly defended before the Value Adjustment Board. Trust in our expertise to guide you through the appeal process, aiming for the most advantageous tax resolutions.


We collect essential financial and property data early in the year, laying the groundwork for accurate tax assessments.


We engage with tax authorities to ensure fair property valuations, leveraging their expertise to minimize tax liabilities.


We charge only based on tax savings achieved, demonstrating a commitment to delivering value to clients without upfront costs.

Let us review your portfolio to ensure a “Fair and Equitable” Tax Assessment

Our Team proactively reviews and tracks clients’ assessments throughout the year. Working directly with the county assessor on multiple appeal levels to ensure the lowest possible tax liability for client properties. If our appeal efforts are successful, we charge a performance fee based on tax savings.

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Proactive Appeal Strategy

If informal negotiations don’t yield the lowest possible assessment, PTAG proactively plans to escalate the matter to the Value Adjustment Board (VAB), ensuring timely action before the September deadline.

Timely Response to TRIM Notices

PTAG monitors the issuance of TRIM notices closely, preparing to file formal petitions within the required 25-day period, optimizing the appeal process timeline.

Informed Appeal Recommendations

Clients receive strategic advice and recommendations from PTAG on the viability and approach of appeals, ensuring decisions are well-informed before final deadlines.

Expert Representation at VAB

PTAG provides expert representation during formal appeal processes, leveraging deep understanding of local property tax laws to argue for fair assessments at the Value Adjustment Board hearings.

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Partners at PTAG


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