Assessment Review

Secure fair property tax evaluations with comprehensive assessment reviews.

At PTAG, we understand the complexities of property tax management and the importance of accurate assessments. Our Assessment Review service is designed to meticulously evaluate and potentially reduce your property tax liabilities, ensuring you pay only your fair share. Here’s how we make a difference:

Our Process

1. January Kick-Off: Collection and Analysis

Our team of seasoned consultants takes a proactive approach by gathering all necessary documentation and communications from local tax authorities.

2. Comprehensive Portfolio Review

Armed with this information, we compile and review your most recent portfolio list.

3. Collaboration with County Appraisal Agencies

We manage the exchange of information with county appraisal agencies, ensuring that your case is presented accurately and effectively.

4. Strategic Appeal Advice

During the spring, PTAG shifts focus to appeal strategies. We provide both informal and formal appeal advice, guiding you through the nuances of the appeal process. Our goal is to arm you with a robust plan of action for the tax year ahead, leveraging our expertise to advocate for fair and equitable property tax assessments.

The PTAG Advantage - Assessment Reviews

With PTAG’s Assessment Review service, you gain a partner dedicated to minimizing your property tax expenses through meticulous review, strategic planning, and expert negotiation. We stand by our commitment to deliver significant tax savings with a transparent and success-oriented fee structure. Let PTAG be your advocate in navigating the complexities of property taxation, ensuring you achieve optimal financial outcomes for your property portfolio.

Proactive Documentation

We collect essential financial and property data early in the year, laying the groundwork for accurate tax assessments.

Expert Negotiation

We engage with tax authorities to ensure fair property valuations, leveraging their expertise to minimize tax liabilities.

Success-Based Fees

We charge only based on tax savings achieved, demonstrating a commitment to delivering value to clients without upfront costs.

Let us review your portfolio to ensure a “Fair and Equitable” Tax Assessment

Our Team proactively reviews and tracks clients’ assessments throughout the year. Working directly with the county assessor on multiple appeal levels to ensure the lowest possible tax liability for client properties. If our appeal efforts are successful, we charge a performance fee based on tax savings.

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Annual Assessment Reviews

PTAG conducts thorough yearly reviews of your property assessments to identify overcharges and opportunities for tax reduction, ensuring you never overpay.

Strategic Appeal Planning

With a strategic approach to appeals, PTAG provides guidance on both informal and formal processes, preparing clients for successful tax disputes and negotiations.

Comprehensive Portfolio Analysis

PTAG examines the entire property portfolio, assessing each asset for tax accuracy and identifying discrepancies that could lead to significant savings.

Transparent Communication

PTAG maintains open and consistent communication with clients throughout the assessment and appeal process, ensuring clarity and understanding at every step.

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Partners at PTAG


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