Base Enrollment

Establish accurate tax bases to prevent over-assessment and ensure tax stability.

PTAG’s Base Enrollment service ensures that your real estate projects and acquisitions are set up with accurate tax bases from the outset, minimizing future tax disputes and liabilities. Here’s how this service benefits you:

Our Process

1. Accurate Initial Registration

We ensure precise registration of base values post-acquisition or project completion, preventing future assessment challenges.

2. Preventive Assessment Approach

Through proactive engagement, we aim to secure the lowest possible assessed values, mitigating tax exposure from the start.

3. Ongoing Appraiser Communication

Our continuous dialogue with county appraisers facilitates the establishment of favorable base values for properties.

4. Capped Assessment Increases

Our involvement guarantees that non-school board property assessments won’t rise by more than 10% annually, offering predictable tax planning.

The PTAG Advantage - Base Enrollment

Our Base Enrollment service benefits clients from strategic tax base registration and ongoing management, ensuring that initial and future property tax assessments are minimized. By setting the correct base values and leveraging caps on increases, PTAG helps clients achieve a stable and favorable tax position from the start, reducing overall tax liabilities and enhancing the financial performance of their real estate investments.


We collect essential financial and property data early in the year, laying the groundwork for accurate tax assessments.


We engage with tax authorities to ensure fair property valuations, leveraging their expertise to minimize tax liabilities.


We charge only based on tax savings achieved, demonstrating a commitment to delivering value to clients without upfront costs.

Let us review your portfolio to ensure a “Fair and Equitable” Tax Assessment

Our Team proactively reviews and tracks clients’ assessments throughout the year. Working directly with the county assessor on multiple appeal levels to ensure the lowest possible tax liability for client properties. If our appeal efforts are successful, we charge a performance fee based on tax savings.

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Accurate Base Value Registration

PTAG meticulously ensures that the base values of your projects or acquisitions are accurately recorded right after completion. This precision avoids the need for challenging initial tax assessments and sets a solid foundation for future tax years, preventing unnecessary overpayments and securing financial stability.

Minimize Initial Assessment Risks

PTAG proactively engages with county appraisers to advocate for the lowest possible base values for your properties. This strategic approach reduces the risk of high initial assessments, ensuring that your property taxes start off on the right foot and remain manageable over time.

Sustain Lower Tax Assessments

Through ongoing dialogue and negotiations with county appraisers, PTAG maintains a consistent presence that facilitates the establishment and retention of favorable base values. This persistent advocacy helps to sustain lower tax assessments, providing long-term cost savings and tax efficiency for property owners.

Limit Future Tax Increases

PTAG’s proactive service includes ensuring that non-school board assessments won’t rise more than 10% annually. This cap on tax increases provides a predictable tax environment, enabling better financial planning and investment security for property owners, and protecting against sudden spikes in property taxes.

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