Tax Forecasting | Accruals

Anticipate and manage tax liabilities with precise forecasting and accrual strategies.

PTAG’s Tax Forecasting | Accruals service equips you with accurate estimates of potential tax liabilities for new acquisitions or construction projects, enabling effective financial planning and budget management. Here’s a deeper look at how this service benefits your business:

Our Process

1. Accurate Tax Projections

Our firm leverages its expertise and extensive data to provide precise tax liability estimates, assisting in the strategic planning and budgeting for new assets.

2. Effective Budget Management

We craft detailed cash and accrual budgets, ensuring strategic financial planning and efficient resource allocation for our clients’ properties.

3. Early Financial Insights

Our forecasting offers early insights into potential tax liabilities, enhancing our clients’ understanding and decision-making in financial strategies.

4. Advanced Tax Planning

We enable proactive tax budgeting, ensuring our clients’ long-term financial stability and preparedness for future tax obligations.

The PTAG Advantage - Tax Forecasting | Accruals

PTAG’s Tax Forecasting | Accruals service provides critical insights and tools for managing property tax liabilities effectively. By offering accurate tax estimates and comprehensive budgeting assistance, PTAG helps you navigate the financial challenges of property ownership, ensuring you are well-prepared for future tax expenses and can make informed financial decisions.


We collect essential financial and property data early in the year, laying the groundwork for accurate tax assessments.


We engage with tax authorities to ensure fair property valuations, leveraging their expertise to minimize tax liabilities.


We charge only based on tax savings achieved, demonstrating a commitment to delivering value to clients without upfront costs.

Let us review your portfolio to ensure a “Fair and Equitable” Tax Assessment

Our Team proactively reviews and tracks clients’ assessments throughout the year. Working directly with the county assessor on multiple appeal levels to ensure the lowest possible tax liability for client properties. If our appeal efforts are successful, we charge a performance fee based on tax savings.

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Precision in Tax Estimation

Our firm specializes in delivering accurate tax liability forecasts for new acquisitions or construction projects, enabling clients to strategically plan and budget. By assessing potential tax implications early, we help ensure that financial plans are both realistic and effective, minimizing surprises and optimizing investment outcomes.

Strategic Financial Management

We provide detailed cash and accrual budgeting services, tailored to each client’s needs, to facilitate strategic financial management and efficient resource allocation. This approach allows clients to maintain financial health and agility, ensuring they can respond effectively to both expected and unexpected financial demands.

Proactive Financial Insight

By offering early predictions of potential tax liabilities, we equip clients with crucial insights that inform their financial strategies. This proactive analysis aids in better financial decision-making, allowing clients to align their investment and funding strategies with anticipated tax outcomes, thus enhancing their overall financial planning process.

Long-term Tax Strategy

Our advance tax planning services are designed to prepare clients for future tax responsibilities, promoting fiscal stability and predictability. By laying a foundation for long-term tax efficiency, we help clients manage their financial future more effectively, ensuring they are well-positioned to handle their tax obligations in a manner that supports sustained financial health and growth.

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