Understanding TRIM Notices for Commercial Property Owners in Florida

As a commercial property owner in Florida, understanding your property tax obligations is crucial for effective financial planning. One key document you will receive annually is the Proposed Tax Notice, commonly known as the TRIM Notice. TRIM stands for Truth in Millage, and notices are mailed every August by your local county property appraiser’s office. But what exactly is a TRIM Notice, and why is it important for you?

What is a TRIM Notice?

A TRIM Notice provides detailed information about your property’s assessed value and the proposed property taxes for the upcoming year. Here’s what you can expect to find on your TRIM Notice:

Why is the TRIM Notice Important?

The TRIM Notice is an essential tool for property owners because it offers a preview of your proposed property taxes before they are finalized. This notice gives you the chance to review and understand how your property taxes are calculated and, if necessary, to challenge the assessed value or the proposed taxes.

Steps to Take After Receiving Your TRIM Notice

  1. Review the Notice Thoroughly: Check the proposed assessment and the millage rates. Ensure that all information is accurate and reflects the current state of your property.
  2. Compare with Previous Years: Compare the current TRIM Notice with those from previous years to identify any significant changes in your property’s assessed value or the tax rates.
  3. Attend Public Hearings: Participate in the public hearings listed on the TRIM Notice to express any concerns or objections you may have regarding the proposed tax rates.
  4. File an Appeal if Necessary: If you believe your property has been over-assessed, consider filing an appeal with the Value Adjustment Board within the 25-day deadline.

How Property Tax Alliance Group (PTAG) Can Help

At PTAG, we specialize in helping commercial property owners navigate the complexities of Florida’s property tax system. Our team reviews client assessments early in the year, well before the issuance of the TRIM Notice. This proactive approach allows us to advise clients if an appeal is warranted and to prepare accordingly.

We ensure that our clients achieve the most favorable assessments and manage their property taxes effectively. If you have questions about your TRIM Notice or need assistance with an appeal, our experts are here to help. Contact Property Tax Alliance Group today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in managing your property tax obligations.


Understanding your TRIM Notice is crucial for managing your commercial property taxes in Florida. By reviewing the notice carefully and taking the appropriate steps, you can ensure that your property taxes are fair and accurate. Remember, the figures on the TRIM Notice are proposed, not final, giving you the opportunity to file an assessment review or appeal if necessary. Let Property Tax Alliance Group be your partner in navigating the property tax cycle and achieving the best possible outcomes.

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